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Topeka Recomendations

Updated: Feb 26

Dinner - Iron Rail Brewing

Iron Rail is fairly priced and has a lot of great deals. The BBQ Mac & Cheese is my absolute favorite. I have a hard time trying anything else! This is my go to restaurant in Topeka! 

Super Fancy Dinner - The White Linen

The White Linen is pricey but it is a must do if you are spending a while in Topeka. They have a set menu of 5 courses that change monthly. I have to admit, occasionally the menu is something I never thought I would try, but I always end up loving it. A must do in Topeka!

Pick Me Up Treat - Hazel Hill Chocolate Factory

If you took a test that didn’t go your way, you walked out to your car and discovered a flat tire, or you’re just having a bad day - head to Hazel Hill Chocolate Factory. (Go here for celebratory days, too.) They have chocolate covered everything! My personal favs are the chocolate covered bananas and the sea salt and caramel chocolates. 

Casual Happy Hour - The Pennant

The Pennant boasts fun happy hour specials and an even better environment! The Pennant decorates their space in fun themes throughout the year, like Star Wars, The Office, St. Patrick’s Day, and more! These fun themes accompany twists to the menu. The themes are just fun and different, providing some excitement in normal mundane law school life. 

Self Care - Esthetics

Needing some self care? Massages, facials, red light therapy, spray tans, brows and lashes, special event makeup - Rechelle does it all! Rechelle has helped my mental health and my skin. She makes me feel mentally and physically amazing when I leave her salon. Use the link below to book with her today!

Fancy Happy Hour - The Knox

The atmosphere is what makes this place. You feel like you are in a big city rather than in Topeka. The drinks are great and the service ensures you have an amazing time. Their appetizers are amazing, especially the butter board!!!

Nice Dinner - North Star Steakhouse 

Best steak in Topeka hands down! Their specialty is bottomless fries and gravy - and trust me, it is special. I also recommend the white chocolate bread pudding. Aside from the food, the service is always very nice. I have never had a bad experience here! 

Fun Saturday Night - The Tee Box 

The Tee Box is a great winter activity! If you get a big group, the bay rental cost isn’t bad. They have good drinks and appetizers and indoor golf is always super fun. I highly recommend it! 

Thursday Night Trivia - Henry T’s

Especially for law students, Henry T’s is a great regular restaurant choice. Not only is it right across the street from the law school but they have great deals every day. My group of friends has “Wing Day” every Wednesday as chicken wings are half off. Additionally, Henry T’s hosts trivia every Thursday night. This is a great activity when you’re exhausted and really don’t want to do anything by Thursday, but still want some social time. 

Sunday Afternoon Activity - Bingo at Happy Basset Brewing

If you find yourself bored on a Sunday afternoon or simply procrastinating your reading, go to Happy Basset! 

Brunch - Blue Moose

Great menu, great brunch. Great for lunch and dinner too, but they always come to mind for brunch! 


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